2020–2021 District Leadership Committee Report

The report of the 2020–2021 District Leadership Committee is as follows:

March 15, 2021

Dear Madam District Director:

On behalf of the committee and after our deliberation, I am pleased to present the report of the 2020–2021 District 28 Leadership Committee. This year’s committee was chaired by Kim Purohit, DTM, IPDD, and included Kim Kensler (Division A), Tim Fronimos, DTM (Division C), David Trottier (Division D), Carol Durling, DTM, (Division E), Veronica Obianwu, DTM (Division F), Larry Dolsey, DTM (Division G), Tanya Mattox, DTM (Division H), Ron McKenzie, DTM (Division I), Heather Lane, DTM, PRA (At Large), Brian Kubacki, DTM (replaced by Tanya Mattox), and Raj Brahmandhabheri, DTM (replaced by Larry Dolsey).

The committee operated in accordance with the procedural rules found in Protocol 9.0 with regard to all interviews, deliberations, and votes. We hereby nominate the following members for the positions listed below. Pursuant to Protocol 11(B), the Nominating Committee will present these nominees for vote at the annual meeting at the 2021 Conference in April. All candidates have received a copy of the protocol pertaining to district campaigns and elections and are aware of the rules applicable to campaigning and the restrictions of participation in district events.

For the office of:

District Director
Vera Johnson, DTM, PID
Program Quality Director
Ryan Morton
Club Growth Director
(no nominee)
Division A Director
Gayle Lawson, DTM
Division C Director
Joel Book
Division D Director
Sherri-Anne Wynter, DTM
Division E Director
Jerome Maben
Division F Director
Danielle Abrams
Division G Director
Jeanette Milliean
Division H Director
Larry Castleberry
Division I Director
Ian Chalmers

Marvin Pitts, DTM, is an eligible candidate to run from the floor for Club Growth Director.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee by

Kim Purohit
District 28 Nominating Committee Chair

District Council Meeting & Candidates’ Corner

Our District Council meeting will take place on April 24th, 2021. Candidate statements from both nominated and floor candidates will be posted on our virtual Candidates’ Corner, located on the District Council meeting event page.