Find or Start a Club

Are you ready to reap the benefits of participation in Toastmasters? Read on to learn how to find a Toastmasters club to visit, or start one of your own!

Find a Toastmasters Club to Visit

The best way to get started in Toastmasters is to visit a Toastmasters club and experience a meeting. If you’re able to visit more than one club, that’s even better, since each club is a little bit different.

You can use the Toastmasters International Find-a-Club tool to find clubs in your area. Use the tips below to narrow down your search.


Start by entering a location. You can choose how far you want to search around that location by changing distance in the dropdown menu.

Additional Search Options

Club Name or Number: If you already know the name or number of the club you’re looking for, you can search for it directly.

Meeting Day and Time: Find meetings that match your availability by choosing days and times that work for you.

Club Status: If you’re new to Toastmasters, you may want to limit your search to open clubs. These are clubs without any special restrictions on membership (e.g. employment at a certain company, or past experience in Toastmasters).

If you’re not able to find a club to visit using the Find-a-Club tool, please let us know—we’ll do our best to get you connected.

Start a Toastmasters Club

Want to start a brand new Toastmasters club in your community or workplace? We’d love to help! You can contact our Club Growth Director at to find out more about the charter process.