DEC Directory

Get in touch with a specific member of our District Executive Committee using the email addresses below. If you’re not sure who to talk to, please use our contact form instead and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Want to learn more about the DEC or the “divisions” and “areas” mentioned below? See our Introduction to District 28.

The district officers for the current Toastmasters year are:

Position Officer Email Address
District Director Vera Johnson
Program Quality Director Ryan Morton
Club Growth Director Marvin Pitts
Administration Manager Linda Orlando
Finance Manager Steven Miller
Logistics Manager Christopher Johnson
Public Relations Manager John Salalila
Division A Director Gayle Lawson
Division C Director Joel Book
Division D Director Sherri Anne Wynter
Division E Director Jerome Maben
Division F Director Danielle Abrams
Division G Director Bill Moylan
Division H Director Larry Castleberry
Division I Director Ian Chalmers
Area 1 Director Ken Piel
Area 2 Director Jocelyn Austin
Area 3 Director Maheshan Ekanayaka
Area 4 Director Christy Gustin
Area 11 Director Cindy Chen
Area 12 Director Grace Morgan
Area 14 Director Von White
Area 16 Director Lauren Morrison
Area 17 Director Dane Dillon
Area 18 Director Muhammad Shah
Area 19 Director Debbie Stelma
Area 21 Director Arun Das
Area 23 Director Daniel Leung
Area 24 Director Cheri Schmidt
Area 25 Director Thomas Zwolinski
Area 26 Director Julia Shonka
Area 28 Director Patricia Roberson
Area 29 Director Belinda Brown
Area 31 Director William Moylan
Area 32 Director Eunice Mark
Area 33 Director Roni Jarvis
Area 34 Director Veronica Obianwu
Area 36 Director Pavneet Deo
Area 37 Director Michael Briggs
Area 38 Director Karen Smith
Area 41 Director Maria Belenkova-Buford
Area 42 Director Miriam Roth
Area 43 Director Bhavpreet Bains