DEC Directory

Get in touch with a specific member of our District Executive Committee using the email addresses below. If you’re not sure who to talk to, please use our contact form instead and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Want to learn more about the DEC or the “divisions” and “areas” mentioned below? See our Introduction to District 28.

The district officers for the current Toastmasters year are:

Position Officer Email Address
District Director Karen Smith
Program Quality Director
Club Growth Director Jerome Maben
Finance Manager Vera Johnson
Public Relations Manager Alecia Goodlow-Young
Immediate Past District Director John Salalila
Division C Director Linda Orlando
Area C1 Director Michael Crouse
Area C2 Director Mo Anand
Area C3 Director Chelsea Carter
Area C4 Director Emily Bauman
Division E Director Dan Leung
Area E1 Director
Area E2 Director Ivy Clay
Area E3 Director John Schmidt
Area E4 Director Walter Wang
Division I Director Miriam Roth
Area I1 Director Sambath Kumaar
Area I2 Director Sara Hoffman
Area I3 Director Gayle Lawson
Division M Director Julia Shonka
Area M1 Director Larry Castleberry
Area M2 Director Glynis Talley Roche
Area M3 Director Chera Best
Division N Director Arun Das
Area N1 Director Sangeya Wiggins
Area N2 Director Christopher Niekra
Area N3 Director Julius Lawrence
Area N4 Director Hissie Johnson
Division O Director Michael Wood
Area O1 Director Crystal Taylor
Area O2 Director Debora Nelson
Area O3 Director Marjorie Uncapher
Division W Director Poornima Hegde
Area W1 Director Tracey Gibson
Area W2 Director Murray Rosenthal
Area W3 Director Lawrence Moebs