Candidate Statement from Sherri-Anne Wynter

Statement from Sherri-Anne Wynter, candidate for 2020–2021 Division D Director:

Sherri-Anne Wynter, DTM has been in Toastmasters since July 2015. Started as Secretary of RCB Toastmasters while working at Ford Motor Company then chartered Stellantis Toastmasters (formerly FCA Toastmasters) in 2017. Currently, serves as the Treasurer of Stellantis Toastmasters, Vice President of Membership of ICT Toast Excellence, Secretary of Bloomfield Toastmasters club, and Area 19 Director. Completed Persuasive Influence path in 2020 and currently on Level 3 of Dynamic Leadership in Pathways. Received first DTM in June of 2020 after serving as Area 17 Director. Recently completed coordination of Youth Leadership Program sponsored by Bloomfield Toastmasters with Sheiko Elementary School in West Bloomfield. Over 15 years of professional experience in the automotive industry, currently serving as a Senior Business Process Specialist at Stellantis (formerly FCA) ICT since 2018. Works seasonally for H & R Block as a tax preparer since 2010. Also, works as a life insurance agent for Primerica and a notary. Enjoys spending family time with two elementary age children and looking forward to serving as Division Director in District 28 for next term.

Since we won’t be holding an in-person conference this year, we’ve created a virtual Candidates’ Corner on our District Council meeting event page, where we’ll be publishing statements from each of our candidates as we receive them.