Pathways Resources

Are you looking for more information about Pathways? The links below will get you started.

Got questions? Toastmasters International has answers to your most frequently asked questions.
Pathways Catalog
District 4 has put together a terrific collection of information about the nuts and bolts of the Pathways program. Take some time to look through their Pathways catalog.
DTM Requirements
If you’re wondering what it takes to earn your Distinguished Toastmaster award in the Pathways program, Toastmasters International has published a side-by-side comparison of the two educational tracks. For a visual overview of the Pathways DTM requirements, be sure to check out this illustrated path to Distinguished Toastmaster.
Basecamp Manager for Everyone
Download your own copy of the “Basecamp Manager for Everyone” presentation from Rik Durling’s workshop at the 2018 Spring Conference.
Onboarding a New Member
Wondering how to get your members started in Pathways? Find out in this guide to onboarding a new member.
Configuring Your Club Contact Email
It’s important for your club officers to be reachable by potential guests, as well as by Toastmasters International. Find out how to set up your club contact address in Free Toast Host to make sure emails get where they need to go.
VP of Education Roles & Responsibilities
Download this deck from the 2018 TLI VP of Education training for an overview of the VPE’s responsibilities, including their role as Basecamp Manager.
Pathways for Presidents
This deck from the 2018 TLI details the responsibilities for club presidents and secretaries supporting their VP of Education in the Basecamp Manager role.
Get Started With Using Pathways
Download a copy of Ray Rivero’s “Pathways Learning Lab” presentation from his workshop at the 2019 Spring Conference.
Path Kits
Additional Resources
A number of resources are available in this collection of Pathways files (ZIP) and on Toastmasters International’s Ambassador Resources page. These include various fliers and presentations, as well as a guide to the Base Camp Manager’s duties.

Where To Find Additional Help

Still have questions? Chatting with your club’s VP of Education is the best place to start. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to the Pathways Guide for your division.

Division A Angela Tennaro
Division C Doug Switzer
Division E Carol Durling
Division F Evelyn Summerville
Division G Eric George
Division H Rik Durling
Division I Ray Rivero