Reclaim, Renew, Resurge

Our District 28 Conference, “Reclaim, Renew, Resurge”, will be held on Friday evening, April 19 and Saturday, April 20, 2024.

As our district’s first HYBRID conference, there will be a few different options to join us!

Friday evening, April 19 – entirely online on Zoom


  • District 28 Table Topics® Speech Contest
  • Friday Fun Night

AgendaDistrict 28 2024 Conference Agenda – Friday


Saturday, April 20 – either in-person at Lawrence Tech University or online on Zoom


  • In-person: $30 USD (register before 11:59 PM EDT (UTC -4) on Thursday, April 18, 2024)
  • Online: $10 USD
  • International Speech Contest only: $10 USD

Please use the following link to register:

Our district conference features:

  • Keynote speaker: Past Region 6 Advisor, Joel Dawson, DTM, PRA
  • Workshops
    • Brainstorming Your Potential with My SWOT Analysis: Alecia Goodlow-Young, DTM
    • I’ve Found My Voice in Music: Tracy Baker, DTM
    • Unlocking the Power of Laughter: Angela Verges, DTM
  • Communication & Leadership Award Receipient: Gail Young
  • District 28 District Council Meeting
  • International Speech Contest

Agenda: District 28 2024 Conference Agenda – Saturday

Here’s to seeing you in April at our conference!