Candidate Statement from LaShon Bowers

Statement from LaShon Bowers, candidate for 2020–2021 District Director:

I am a nominee for the position of District 28 Director. It is a position I served in the 2016–2017 Toastmasters year and I look forward to serving again. As a 24-year member of this wonderful District, I have garnered many lessons. The Toastmaster’s program and the D28 members helped me learn so much. It is my desire to pay it forward. I believe in servant leadership. As a servant leader, I will collaborate with the District Executive Committee to ensure the needs of all members are met. We are all aware that, at this current time, we cannot conduct business as usual. Still, we will move forward and persevere. Let us continue to strengthen our District! It will require passion, commitment, and teamwork but I know District 28 deserves our effort. I am passionate about helping members to grow; committed to meeting the needs of the members and believe it can all be achieved with teamwork.

Since we won’t be holding an in-person conference this year, we’ve created a virtual Candidates’ Corner on our District Council meeting event page, where we’ll be publishing statements from each of our candidates as we receive them.