Guidelines For District Officer Candidates and Campaigns

As a candidate for district office, the following guidelines will help you navigate the election process. For complete details regarding district officer campaign and election protocol, please refer to Protocol 9.0 of the Governing Documents of Toastmasters International.

Campaign Materials

At area and division speech contests, all candidates may distribute campaign materials. They may also display campaign materials in a candidates’ corner at these events if space is available for the candidates’ corner and if all candidates have equal access to it. Campaign materials may not be placed on walls, chairs or tables outside of the candidates’ corner.

At the district conference, all candidates may distribute campaign materials, and again are allowed to display campaign materials in the candidates’ corner. Campaign materials may not be placed on walls, chairs or tables, nor handed out at educational sessions, meal functions, or the district hospitality suite.

Speeches & Speaking Guidelines

Campaign Speeches

Campaign speeches are not permitted at any area speech contest, division speech contest or other district non-election meeting except the district conference. At the discretion of the area or division director responsible for the speech contest, candidates present at the contest may be introduced to the audience if all candidates present are introduced.

All candidates in contested races for district office, including floor candidates, may be allowed to speak at the district conference at a time other than during the district’s annual business meeting. These campaign speeches must be given at an appropriate time and place, and be of an appropriate length, as identified by the district director, provided that all candidates are given an equal opportunity and are properly notified.

Educational Presentations at the District Conference

All candidates are allowed to give educational presentations at district conferences, provided the presentations conform to the needs of the district, and provided that all candidates for the same office are given an equal opportunity.

Speaking Roles at Speech Contests

Candidates for any district elected office (District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, or Division Director) are not to serve as a contest official with a speaking role (including, but not limited to, Toastmaster, Chief Judge, or test speaker) at any area, division or district-level speech contest in District 28 during the contest season immediately prior to the election in which they intend to compete. For current area and division directors running for an elected office, this includes your own speech contest. This rule holds for all district officer races, whether contested or not.

Hospitality Suites

The only hospitality suite permitted at a district conference is the one provided and operated by the district, with no contribution from any candidate. The provision of a hospitality suite is, however, at the discretion of the district director.


Advertisements by or on behalf of candidates for district office are not permitted in district publications.