DEC Directory

Get in touch with a specific member of our District Executive Committee using the email addresses below. If you’re not sure who to talk to, please use our contact form instead and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Want to learn more about the DEC or the “divisions” and “areas” mentioned below? See our Introduction to District 28.

The district officers for the current Toastmasters year are:

Position Officer Email Address
District Director Shirley Thomas
Program Quality Director Kim Purohit
Club Growth Director Mike Carter
Administration Manager Marilyn Albee
Finance Manager Jason Schumacher
Logistics Manager John Fortin
Public Relations Manager Linda Anger
Division A Director Tammy Revesz
Division C Director Sadhana Alangar
Division D Director Jerome Maben
Division E Director Teza Searcy
Division F Director Dian Xu
Division G Director Liz Cezat
Division H Director Greg Stockton
Division I Director Jeff Hagan
Area 1 Director Alex Behe
Area 2 Director Doug Switzer
Area 3 Director Edwin Ledgard
Area 4 Director Greg Behe
Area 11 Director Judith Julie
Area 12 Director Lawrence Moebs
Area 13 Director Roger Julie
Area 14 Director Vijaya Sastry
Area 16 Director Mohan Madhavaram
Area 17 Director Violet Swazer
Area 18 Director Darryl Heron
Area 19 Director Lydia Officer Meeks
Area 21 Director Ray Rivero
Area 23 Director Dan Leung
Area 24 Director Linda Orlando
Area 26 Director Marvin Pitts
Area 28 Director Veronica Obianwu
Area 29 Director Eric George
Area 31 Director Satish Vemuri
Area 33 Director Suvro Sudip
Area 34 Director Casey Brant
Area 36 Director Chris Coyne
Area 38 Director Michael Muse
Area 39 Director Britta Roan
Area 41 Director John Salalila
Area 43 Director Martina Candiago