Membership Contest: February and March 2012

From Guest to Member Contest

February thru March 30

This membership contest is designed to introduce more people to the benefits of becoming a Toastmaster, and encourage them to join your club. Everyone wins because the new member benefits by growing both personally and professionally, and the club grows in number and becomes healthier. Don’t forget your Open Houses.

Contest Details

Members Prize: Free ticket to the International Speech Contest on Saturday, April 28, 2012
  • Bring a guest to your meeting and have them join.
  • Your name is placed into a drawing for each of your guests who join
  • Your name can only be drawn once
  • There will be three winners for this contest.
  • Each club president or VP of membership must forward the names of their club members who brought in new members, to Susan Stillman at the address below by April 4, 2012.
Clubs Prize: Free Club Banner For every four new members added to a club during the contest period, with the exception of newly chartered clubs because they are continuing to add members, a club is eligible to have its name entered once in a drawing for a new club banner. For example, a club with 4 new members – 1 entry, 8 new members – 2 entries, etc. One winner only! Questions? Contact Susan Stillman, LGM at