2016–2017 Marketing Incentives

District 28 is excited to announce the following marketing incentives for the 2016–2017 Toastmasters year:

Purple Phoenix Award

Clubs having 15 or fewer members at the beginning of the year (July 1), which end up with a net growth of 5 or more members on June 1 will receive $50 in bookstore credit or Toastmasters gift certificates.

Club Coach Thank-You

Club coaches will receive a thank-you gift at year’s end, estimated at a $50 total value, selected by the Club Growth Director. Club must be distinguished at year’s end.

Open House Incentive

Clubs will be reimbursed for the partial cost of one open house upon submission of a budget for the event, receipts, and flyer for the event. The budget and flyer must be submitted two weeks before the open house. Incentive is limited to the first 60 clubs to submit a flyer and budget.

New Club Lead Incentive

For each club lead that results in a demo/kickoff meeting with 20 or more prospective members present, a bookstore credit or TM gift certificate of $40 will be given. Any Toastmaster in the district, other than a Trio member, is eligible for this award (including area and division directors, etc). Club leads must be submitted to the Club Growth Director.

Incentives for Chartering Clubs

For each club that charters before October 1, 2016, the district will provide each member a personalized name badge. For each club that charters during the year, the district will provide a personalized club banner.